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Bohemein Gallery - Novelties

NEW Images coming soon. Please use these images as a guide ONLY thank you.

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Please note these images are of novelties that we can make but do not necessarily have in stock at our stores at all times. If there is a particular item you would like, we would recommend that you place an order with us at least 2 weeks before you need to collect it.

Can be filled with up to 10 individual chocolates. Available in both milk or dark and various designs. 150mm x 110mm


Dimensions 205mm x 110


Dimensions 290mm x 140mm


Rugby ball dimensions 230mm x 135mm. Rugby Boot dimensions 200mm x 80mm.

Rugby Boot and Ball

Dimensions 180mm x 100


Dimensions 95mm x 65mm

Mr Dog

Dimensions 77mm x 53mm

Small Rugby Ball

Dimensions 120mm x 63mm

Mrs Squirrel

Dimensions 110mm x 75mm

Mrs Elephant

Dimensions 107mm x 90mm


Dimensions 100mm x 103mm

Happy Cow

Dimensions 90mm x 70mm


Dimensions 73mm x 55mm

Small Teddy

Dimensions 115mm x 60mm

Mrs Cat (Small)

Can be filled with up to 20 individual chocolates. Dimensions 210mm x 115mm.


Both can be filled with up to 8 individual chocolates. Mussel Shell dimensions 146mm x 85mm. Clam Shell dimensions 140mm x 123mm.

Clam and Mussel

Dimensions 210mm x 145mm


Can be filled with up to 14 individual chocolates. Dimensions 205mm x 85mm.

Cocoa Bean

Can be filled with up to 11 individual chocolates. dimensions 125mm diameter x 35mm.

Zodiac 12 Sign

Can be filled with up to 9 individual chocolates. Dimensions 120mm x 20mm.

Hazelnut, Grapes, wine Bottles and Chestnut Chocolate Boxes

Dimensions 130mm x 100mm


Dimensions 180mm x 120mm


Dimensions 155mm x 90mm


Dimensions 130mm x 75mm

Cat (Large)

Dimensions 120mm diameter


Dimensions 120mm diameter

Soccer Ball

Dimensions 163mm x 60mm


Dimensions 215mm x 190mm

Large Dinosaurs

Dimensions 200mm x 80mm

Soccer Boot

Dimensions 160mm x 110mm

Big Teddy